Sponsor Levels & Premiums

A Summary of TEDxProvincetown’s Sponsorship Offering

TED (ted.com) is a global phenomenon of “Ideas Worth Spreading”. A few years ago, the TED leadership opened up the format to local, independent producers. These so-called TEDx events have taken place in thousands of places. TEDxProvincetown is an officially licensed event under the TED Talks umbrella, which will be independently produced at Fishermen Hall in Provincetown on June 30, 2018 with an expected attendance of 100-240.

About TEDxProvincetown, x = independently organized event

  • Goal: To showcase Provincetown’s brain trust, unique perspectives, and vibrant, diverse community in a highly regarded format that reaches around the globe
  • Theme: 20/20 Perfect [IN]sight, which plays on both our upcoming commemorative anniversary and our unique Provincetown perspective. These are ideas “from” Provincetown rather than “about” Provincetown. What do our speakers see clearly?
  • Program: 10 speakers are booked
  • 501c3 status: non-profit fiscal agent is Cape Cod Center for Sustainability
  • Budget: The producer and all speakers are unpaid, as per TED guidelines. We have
    locally sourced, paid vendors for video/editing, sound, lighting, website, graphic design,
    and expenses relating to Fishermen Hall rental; total estimated budget is $27,000.
  • Outcomes: A lively, diverse evening of talks and performance, 10 original TEDx
    videos (some may graduate to ted.com), and momentum for future events.

Connect with thought leaders. Contribute to the vision. Collaborate with us.

Becoming a TEDxProvincetown sponsor means you share in our mission of spreading ideas that might change the world. We have developed this matrix that outlines sponsor premiums.

Or consider other financial contributions to the long-term vision of TEDxProvincetown.

The Cape Cod Center for Sustainability:
30 Route 6A
Yarmouth Port,
MA 02675


  • In-kind sponsorship of key products and services that we need to produce the event.


Sponsors with specific paperwork requirements can send attachments to ian@tedxprovincetown.com. We’re happy to discuss your sponsorship needs. Thank you in advance.