TEDxProvincetown Presenter Bios 2019

2019 Speaker/Performer Bios

We’re thrilled to announce the full slate of TEDxProvincetown 2019. Tickets are available here.

Susannah Remillard

Susannah Remillard, middle school teacher and researcher, explains the role of difficult history in the classroom based on her studies of the impacts of decolonization on school culture.

Alisa Magnotta Galazzi

Alisa Magnotta Galazzi, a housing advocate, examines the housing crisis, the human toll and a way through it.

Angelina Blasich

Angelina Blasich, an artist, educator, and mental health professional, explores the power of being “Purposefully Ridiculous” as a radical space of self care and community resilience.

Marti Gould Cummings

Marti Gould Cummings, a drag queen, asks “What makes a role model and how can a drag queen be one?” in response to their viral “Baby Shark” video and the widespread feedback and pushback it created.

Mark Borrelli

Mark Borrelli, coastal geologist, talking about a unique Provincetown climate change strategy to address rising sea levels and more frequent storms — a strategy that is rolling out in other coastal communities.

 Tamora Israel

Tamora Israel, poet/actor, talking about “consent” in the post-#metoo era and the new rules of engagement for expressing affection and admiration.

Agnes Mittermayr

Agnes Mittermayr, marine biologist, talking about shrinking ocean food-webs, the impacts on the marine environment and the potential to address the situation.