TEDxProvincetown Speaker Videos 2019

2019 Speaker Videos

Congratulations to our 2019 speakers for their outstanding work. Please click, like, comment and share the videos.


Marti Gould Cummings
Drag can be a leadership role model for everyone – kids, too

When New York City drag queen Marti Gould Cummings posted to Twitter a 20-second video clip of her performance of Baby Shark that delighted a young child, the Internet erupted with fans and fury and a community activist was born. Cummings explains how her world view changed and how “leading with kindness” is her platform for activism. martigcummings.com 

Angelina Blasich
Ridiculous on Purpose: Sharing Permissions to Promote Mental Wellness

In this high-energy and creative talk, Angelina Blasich, a tutu-wearing, licensed mental health professional and co-founder of community engagement group Purposefully Ridiculous, explains the improved clinical and health outcomes from affording ourselves the freedom to “don our permissions” and be ridiculous on purpose. Ridiculate your life! purposefullyridiculous.com 

 Tamora Israel
The new rules of engagement for consent and boundaries in the post-#MeToo era

In this potent talk about the new rules for consent, poet, actor, and confessed “hugger” Tamora Israel explores the new rules of engagement in the post-#MeToo era and how to navigate personal boundaries with respect. What counts as a breach of consent? You might be surprised. 

Agnes Mittermayr
Save the Invertebrates, Save the World’: Keystone species and conserving our delicate food webs

Imagine saving an entire marine ecosystem by protecting an inconspicuous and “un-cute” animal you’ve never even heard of, says Center for Coastal Studies marine biologist Agnes Mittermayr in a funny and illuminating conservation talk. We are all connected, algae to humans to worms, by being part of one big food web and we can save whole ecosystems by protecting critical keystone species — some of which have no other value. coastalstudies.org 

Mark Borrelli
Escape the “Cage of Normalcy” to experience freedom and truth, before they are gone

In this hilarious and astute take down of the dehumanizing “social contracts” of our contemporary society, prolific playwright and provocateur Ryan Landry explains why we’re all so pissed off, offended and consumed with the need “to be right” and “to win.” Step out of the cage, into the garden, and slough off the trap of “being normal.” golddustorphans.org 

Alisa Magnotta Galazzi
More housing diversity can end the housing crisis and renew the American Dream

Alisa Magnotta, CEO of Housing Assistance Corporation on Cape Cod, examines the current housing crisis in the US and the renewal of a 21st Century American Dream through increased housing diversity — to give us natural affordability and economic mobility by rethinking the consequences of single family zoning. Magnotta takes a fresh look at the existing housing stock and created innovative programs that repurpose underutilized properties to create more year-round housing – such as Rent 365 and support for accessory dwelling units (ADUs). haconcapecod.org 

Susannah Remillard
Teaching students difficult histories creates engaged citizens and better thinkers

Susannah Remillard, a middle-school teacher and Fulbright scholar, says “students deserve more than an easy mythology” when learning complicated and difficult histories. Remillard outlines her comparative research into the sanitized colonial myths and foundational stories of the US and New Zealand and the benefits of engaging students in fuller and more accurate accounts of what happened, from all sides. Benefits include shaping better thinkers and more empathetic citizens while returning voice to marginalized communities erased from traditional colonial lessons. 

Mark Borrelli
“Storm Tide Pathways”: Mapping flooding from storm surge and sea level rise

In a technology innovation talk about sea level rise, coastal geologist Mark Borrelli outlines how his team has developed an innovative mapping tool that can tell a community precisely where “street-by-street” flood waters and surging tides will flow. The Storm Tide Pathways method, already rolling out in other communities, is easy enough for anyone to use anywhere. Borrelli is Director of The Coastal Processes and Ecosystems Laboratory – which is a joint research effort between the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown and the University of Massachusetts Boston. coastalstudies.org