2020 Call for Speakers open until Mar. 2 | TEDxProvincetown

Provincetown, MA (January 2, 2020): The third annual TEDxProvincetown is looking for aspiring TED speakers for its Oct. 10, 2020 show at Fishermen Hall in Provincetown, MA. The theme of the 2020 show is “Helltown.”Go to https://tedxprovincetown.com/submit/ for details on how to apply on or before Mar. 2.

“Helltown is an early nickname for Provincetown and we wanted to tie into the history of the region and also the attitude today,” says producer Ian Edwards. “We’re looking for smart, fresh talks that are inspired by the Cape’s maverick, ‘beyond convention’ perspective.”

What lessons are revealed by Provincetown’s hellin’ ways? What does it mean in 2020 for science, art, culture, gender or tech? What’s “Capital U Unconventional“? What’s culturally challenging to the mainstream? What’s a talk that is from here, but speaks to the world?

The 2020 program will comprise 7-8 speakers. New for 2020, TEDxProvincetown is organizing a number of additional side events around the main show Oct. 10, 2020 to expand the offering to TEDxProvincetown attendees. Discounted early bird tickets will be available in February.

As a result of its first show in June 2018 and follow up in September 2019, TEDxProvincetown has 18 published talks with a combined YouTube audience of 171,000 viewers (at the end of 2019). Separately, 2018 speaker and bee ecologist Noah Wilson-Rich has 1.65 million views on the main TED.com channel, which makes it one of the most watched Provincetown-branded videos on the web.

Along with Wilson-Rich, the most watched TEDxProvincetown talks are Marti Gould Cummings (about drag and leadership), Frank Strona (about gay “bear” culture), Agnes Mittermayr (about conservation and food webs) and Ryan Landry (about the “cage of normalcy”).

TEDxProvincetown is a program of the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, a registered 501c3 public charity.  It is an independently produced TED-licensed event. www.tedxprovincetown.com