TEDxProvincetown Submit a Speaker or Idea

Submit a Speaker and/or Idea


The Open Call for speaker pitches for 2019 is now closed. Thank you to all who applied. We’re vetting all applications. Because of volumes, we may not get back to you. 

The second TEDxProvincetown event,  a TED-licenced show, is scheduled Sept. 14, 2019 at Fishermen Hall in Provincetown.

We have a  multidisciplinary, variety-infused, multimedia program inspired by the theme of “Step Up.”

  • What does it mean to be engaged? To “step up”.
  • What is progress or improvement?
  • If not a solution to an issue, then what raises the bar… takes that next step?
  • What’s the next step – in science, art, culture, gender and performance?
  • TEDxProvincetown is asking speakers to Step Up with new ideas that will transform the TED universe.


For anyone considering a pitch for a potential 2020 show:

Before you apply, take note of our curatorial priorities. Note answers to these in your email pitch and/or speak to them in your video.

  • Locality: This event features people who have strong connections to Provincetown and/or Cape Cod. What’s your connection? If you don’t have this connection, please don’t apply.
  • Quality of Idea: What makes us say, “Wow, this is a Step Up”?
  • Authority to Present the Idea: What gives you unassailable credibility to speak to this idea? It doesn’t need to be a PhD, but it needs to be solid.
  • Freshness in the TED Universe. What makes this idea unique among the thousands of other talks in the TED channels? What videos will compete with yours? Send us three links.
  • Time Commitments: This is an unpaid assignment with a number of required deadlines and rehearsal dates – and a clear outline of expectations. It also includes required legal waivers. Be sure you know what you’re signing up for. The producers retain the right to cut speakers who are not ready for the show date.

Due to submission volumes and the quality of applicants/nominees, we may only be able to respond to proposals or leads that we want to develop. If you’re a minor, cool. We’ll just need parental or guardian consent.

Thank you for your valuable time and consideration invested in your application.

Good luck.