TEDxProvincetown Submit a Speaker or Idea

Submit a Speaker and/or Idea

    IMPORTANT 2018 UPDATE: We produced our first TEDxProvincetown on June 30, 2018. We haven’t made any decisions about 2019, but we are happy to take your idea.

    Have an idea for a TEDxProvincetown talk? 

    Or a performance?

    Want to nominate a speaker?

    TEDxProvincetown’s first call for amazing talk and performance proposals is closed for 2018. For future events, please submit your idea or nominate a speaker in the form below.

    We encourage multidisciplinary, variety-infused, multimedia talks and performances inspired by the theme of 20/20: Perfect [IN]sight.

    Anyone, any age, with a connection to Provincetown and the gravitas to present an idea with authority should enter.

    Before you apply:

    • Have great Provincetown or Cape Cod regional credentials. We won’t consider speakers who don’t have a strong Provincetown connection.
    • Make yourself familiar with the TED talk format and style. Talk/Performances max out at 18 minutes. Shorter can be better.
    • Outline your vivid, dynamic, timely, provocative BIG idea in a few sentences.
    • Collect the credentials or substance that gives you clear authority to speak to or perform this idea.
    • Know that your talk/performance, if chosen for the event, will be performed in front of an audience and for the cameras for posterity.
    • Know that if your talk/performance is chosen for the event, there may be required auditions, preparation, coaching, rehearsals and waivers.
    • Know that talks/performances, as per TED rules, are unpaid.

    And, lastly, a note from the program curators: These are ideas from Provincetown, not necessarily about Provincetown. These ideas are incisive, provocative, global, impactful, authoritative and clear-eyed.

    • What do you see perfectly?
    • Through what lens can we see better?
    • What keen 20/20 [IN]sight can we showcase from the community of Provincetown?

    Due to submission volumes and the quality of applicants/nominees, we may only be able to respond to proposals or leads that we want to develop. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration invested in your application.

    And, use this webform for your submission, but if you have any trouble with it, you can email info@tedxprovincetown.com.

    Good luck.