TEDxProvincetown 2018 Talks

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Congratulations to our 2018 TEDxProvincetown Presenters




Ali Sands: Love Appears in Whatever Form It Chooses 

What happens when your husband used to be your girlfriend? In a personal and emotional talk, author Ali Sands explores how romantic love can endure through a couple’s most vivid, life-journey changes — including changing genders


Michael MooreA Fix for the Imperiled North Atlantic Right Whale

Is your lobster worth the extinction of the North Atlantic Right Whale? Veterinarian Michael Moore explores how tragic whale entanglement — caused by lobster fishing and other line-based fishing — are unnecessary with new technology that promotes both whale health and your lobster dinner


Roxanne LaytonSoundscape: How it Affects Body and Mind 

The sounds you live with — your soundscape — have direct impact on your good health and happiness. Through an innovative hybrid talk and musical performance, international musician Roxanne Layton explores how sound everywhere from noisy city streets to the local dance club can “entrain” you and affect your health and psyche


Jay CritchleyPortrait of the Artist as a Corporation 

If a corporation can be a person, why can’t a person be a corporation? In a high-energy and engaging performance, multimedia artist and provocateur Jay Critchley explores how the corporate platform can be repurposed for social change


Anne Stott: Get Lost (to find your creativity) 

Inspiration can come in the least expected places. In an engaging hybrid performance of song and talk, singer-songwriter Anne Stott examines how letting go of expectations can spark fruitful, career-making creativity



Romolo Del Deo: ReNaturing Light 

The quality of light we live in has direct bearing on our health and happiness — especially as we navigate a world of so much artificial light. Sculptor Romolo Del Deo uses art history, and the unique light of Provincetown, Massachusetts, to examine the quality of light as both a tool for creating and living well in the modern world


Maria GieseHollywood Interruptus: The Battle for Women’s Voices In Entertainment Media  

Women directors are a scant fraction of filmmakers in Hollywood, the world’s largest entertainment and culture-making machine. That vivid inequality is central to a heated gender discrimination battle and activist Maria Giese is leading the charge. Here’s the employment equity challenge that lies behind #MeToo and #TimesUp


Frank StronaWhat the Bears Can Teach Goldilocks

“Bear Culture” — a supportive, global community of mostly large, mostly hairy gay men — has evolved and thrived through ideas of inclusion, diversity, self-acceptance and self-expression. Health advocate, diversity specialist and “Daddy Bear” Frank Strona explains what Bear Culture gets right as lessons for Goldilocks and the rest of mainstream society


Noah Wilson-RichHoneybees from Cape Cod to Mars

Before sending bees into space, we must shift our perspective away from why bees are dying, toward why they are surviving: Habitat diversity. Engaging speaker and bee ecologist Noah Wilson-Rich uses bee hives, honey DNA and citizen science to capture data about our environment, our botanical mix and ways to take those lessons around the world and all the way to Mars


Tianna EsperanzaBlack with (some) White Privilege 

Singer-songwriter Tianna Esperanza brings her electrifying, original soul-punk style to explore her own mixed heritage – and empathy – in a special cool rap/spoken-word talk about race in America. “We will not let black or white ‘culture’ be defined,” she says. “And ultimately keep us confined. Because there is no culture in color.” Music over anger.