TEDxProvincetown | 2020 perfect (IN)sight
TEDxProvincetown 2020

TEDxProvincetown takes place June 30, 2018 at Provincetown’s Fishermen Hall

From this edge of the world, with its vivid and diversified history and characters, Provincetown has a unique perspective that we want to share with the world.

  • What do you see perfectly?
  • Through what lens can we see better?
  • What keen 20/20 [IN]sight can we showcase from the community of Provincetown?

Whether it’s pacing a widow’s walk, or teetering high on a stiletto heel, or scanning seafloor maps for eelgrass, Provincetown denizens “see” the big ideas of place, science, fame, history, nature, gender, art and self-expression… and on.

That program, held June 30, 2018 at Provincetown’s Fishermen Hall, will aggregate our very best ideas worth spreading within the TED universe.

We encourage multidisciplinary, variety-infused, multimedia talks and performances inspired by the theme of 20/20: Perfect [IN]sight. Anyone, any age, with a connection to Provincetown and the gravitas to present an idea with authority should enter.

TEDxProvincetown is a locally produced and independent event and a licensee of the TED brand.

We’re excited to see what the community wants to share through talks and performances.

2020 TEDxProvincetown